A.Sudhakar Raju
Guinness World Record Holder
Personality development trainer
Memory Trainer
Psychological counsellor
Fitness Trainer

Raju’s Amazings Records……..

  •   √    He typed all alphabet, giving space to each letter in three
             and half seconds on a computer.

  •   √    He observed 22 objects for one minute and recalled them
             in the same sequence in 50 seconds.

  •   √    He memorized 257 names of objects and recalled them
             in the same sequence.
  • His experiments in memorizing numbers.

  •   √    He memorized 300 four digit numbers and recalled them
             in the same sequence.
             (Ex.2865, 9385, 1019, 3948, 8273,7364...like 300 numbers)

  •   √    He memorized 100 digit number and recalled it in the
             same sequence.
             (Ex. 9834726190983450921638459069877127339499877
             62516 2722194786029837846581020203938457382910)
             (After listening this type of numbers, he recalled the entire number
             in reverse also)


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1. We are proud & extremely adored to launch incredible, immeasurable aptitude Guinness world record holder, Mr.Raju to the corporate world. .....

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